"The Strategic Sales Management Workshop is the most thorough and dynamic sales management course I have attended to date.  It takes sales managers out of a strict 30 day cycle mind set and teaches them how to develop sales people, retain them and build a business for the long term.  Tom Callinan not only gives you the process, but also provides you with the tools and examples to execute."

Andrej Steskal, Document Management Manager, Warehouse Direct

"The entire course [Advanced Enterprise Selling Skills] was excellent. I would recommend it to all sales teams. Senior reps and rookies learned a lot. The key areas of learning were in the alignment of the buying process versus the selling process, networking strategies, how to sell to the CIO/IT buyer, and customer retention. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to increase sales effectiveness.  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value"

John Kuchta, President of SolutionOne, July 12, 2011

"The Strategic Sales Management workshop [not only covered] the complete sales process to get wider and deeper in our existing accounts, [but also helped me to] build an expansion plan by sales territory.  Now we can execute a plan to grow marketshare."

John Kutcha, President of SolutionOne

"Being new to the manager role, this workshop opened my eyes and provided me with how a person should be managed. This was a high-energy course that was filled with ideas I can bring to my company."

 Margaret Sholl, Advanced Business Machines, Rockford, Ill.