For sales training to be effective it must offer a process that is logical, scalable and repeatable. A logical and repeatable sales process will allow the sales professional the opportunity to build trust that the training will be a good investment of their time, providing a foundation for a new attitude toward their approach to each sales opportunity. To ensure proper execution of the defined sales process the behaviors at each step of the process need to be practiced so that they become intuitive, much like an elite athlete practices for each game.

On the other side of the selling equation, today’s buyer experiences more time pressure, has more information about your product or service, and has less tolerance for a poorly prepared sales appointment than in years past.

Each participant-centered training session—part motivational, part instructional— provides concepts, knowledge, and understanding of a particular topic as it applies to your selling environment. Through appropriate exercises, sales-development plans are refined, strategies and techniques are practiced in a safe environment, and skills are sharpened, before interacting with prospects and customers.

To affect the change required, sales training does not happen during a single event as it is critical to ensure the behaviors associated with success are intuitive to the sales professional. Strategy Development provides our clients with a proven sales process supported by experienced and professional consultants. 

Strategy Development's core programs include: