Sound sales training provides a toolbox that will yield results as measured by productivity increases and reduced turnover.  Sales coaching is about achieving lasting behavioral change and mastering new skills.  Built on the concept of incremental growth and change over time, Strategy Development’s Sales Coaching (SDSC) is a process supported by repetition and reinforcement.

Salespeople are not likely to implement a particular selling strategy or tactic consistently regardless of how effective it may be, unless it is part of an overall behavioral plan.  SDSC is the change management component to spread success across your sales team.

We work with sales leadership to define your specific goals and devise a sales coaching plan in areas that include: time and territory management, business acumen and decision maker motivations, prospecting, pipeline management, taking a consultative approach, questioning and listening skills, sales call and presentation skills, proposal writing, negotiating, account planning, and customer retention.  It incorporates coaching, self-study, teamwork, and application assignments that address the unique strengths and challenges of the team.

Core Components of the SDSC Program include: