Control your G&A expenses

Posted by on Thursday, February 25, 2010

Controlling your G&A expenses is one of the most important requirements not only now, in a difficult economy, but long as the imaging business gets more and more competitive.
For years, it has been business as usual in the back office operations; if processing fell behind, the natural reaction was to add more employees to handle what was perceived as additional workload. Pretty soon, actual headcount grew to levels that could not be supported by the organization. Because employee expenses are the largest controllable expense area, G&A expenses were out of control.

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How to Make Money in MPS

Posted by Tom Callinan on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That seems to be the new theme of all of the MPS conferences and road shows. I guess just holding a MPS event is passé so the event coordinators needed a new theme. As a member of the leading consulting firm in the MPS space, I thought the theme was rather humorous. I mean could anybody really be in MPS and not be making money in a 56%+ GP business?

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The Obituary is Written: Is the Patient Dead?

Posted by Tom Callinan on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

“Long before digital tools such as listservs, e-mail blasts, and even Facebook enabled us to easily broadcast messages, photocopiers were the most efficient way to distribute information to groups of all sizes. If the boss needed to discuss a new company policy, workers got memos in their (physical) in-boxes or slipped under their office doors.

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Top 10 CIO Issues for 2010

Posted by on Friday, February 5, 2010

Bob Evans, VP of InformationWeek Global CIO Unit wrote this week on the focus areas for CIOs in 2010. When I read the article I started to think about where MPS fit in allowing CIOs to accomplish their goals this calendar year, and how to approach those regarding MPS.

Top 10 CIO Issues for 2010 per Bob Evans, VP of InformationWeek Global CIO Unit

1. The cloud imperative – Cloud computing takes the top spot because this allows for CIOs to really attack #2.

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What is MPS?

Posted by Tom Callinan on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yesterday, Document Solutions Daily, a great publication available by subscription, had a link to a blog post titled “MPS Isn’t Just for the Big Boys.” Although the post details what can be described as an admirable job by a sales person to place a MFD, and that sales person works for a well known and respected copier company—so this commentary isn’t directed at either the sales person or the employer—does the post really describe an MPS agreement?

I ask the question for two reasons.

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Hiring a Consulting Firm: Proceed With Caution

Posted by Tom Callinan on Sunday, January 17, 2010

You engage a consulting firm to add skills and help you achieve your business goals. If the consulting firm is going to be successful in their support they need to still be in business 90 days after you sign the agreement. Over the last five years I have seen consulting firms come and go, and the going almost always follows the big announcement of the coming.

This last week I read a press release announcing that Supplies Network hired the former owner of a consulting business, who I congratulate on his new job, but what of his consulting clients? What do they do now?

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Trade Shows: Are they worth the time

Posted by Tom Callinan on Monday, January 4, 2010

I am frequently asked the by clients “Should I attend (fill in the blank) show / conference?” I tend to answer the question with another question, “What are you looking to get out of the event?” Your answer to that question will then lead to some research to determine if the event is worth the investment in entrance fee, travel expense, and more importantly, your time.

There are many trade shows out there and a new one seems to pop-up every other year.

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Paul Schulman leaving Global

Posted by Tom Callinan on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In an e-mail dated December, 9 to the Global leadership team, Michael Shea announced that Paul Schulman has decided to leave Global effective December 31.

Paul was one of Global’s most visible leaders as President and COO and in his previous position as SVP of Business Development. Paul was well known and respected in both the dealer community as well as within Global. I know his leadership will be missed at Global.

I got to know Paul on a dealer trip almost 15 years back. He is engaging, intelligent, and passionate about the business.

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Where’s the Silver Bullet

Posted by Tom Callinan on Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I talk to many business owners that are looking for the cure to their ailment—and they would prefer something that cures them quickly. What is the ailment? Lower revenue and operating income. Some want to recreate the good old days of growth and can’t understand why that would be so difficult. Heck, in the 80’s we just worked hard and revenues increased: Why can’t we do that now? Are the new Generation X, Y, or Z kids simply lazy? My experienced reps just can’t seem to get the appointments they were once able to achieve.

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MPS: The 30% Catastrophe

Posted by Tom Callinan on Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Many commentators in the MPS space like to talk about the 30% savings companies receive through an MPS agreement. I guess it helps them sell research, advance the theory of displacing printers with departmental MFDs, or helps the weak sales person generate some commission and retain his (her) job for a period.

But I have to ask a simple question, what is the rational to deliberately taking 30% of the revenue out of our industry?

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