Account Planning Sessions

Account Planning Sessions, (APS) are the foundation for both pipeline and employee development and is the change management component to spread success across your sales team. APS help to correct under performance and supports top producing senior executives, sales leaders, and sales professionals.

The APS is a weekly one-hour meeting that the sales manager invests with each of his/her sales representatives; the meeting is facilitated by the Strategy Development consultant. During this one hour meeting the sales representative is prepared to discuss up to five accounts/prospects with opportunities outside of the 90-day pipeline to achieve the following:

  • Identify relationships required within the account and tactics to initiate and cultivate those relationships—get higher and wider
  • Identify logical business cases to use in both business development efforts as well as during initial discovery meeting and entire sales process
  • Identify and work to overcome roadblocks with accounts
  • Develop tangent approaches into accounts to unseat competitors
  • Increase share of wallet—displace competitors that share the account
  • Increase pipeline so that you grow and gain market share

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